The Sex Toys

by The Sex Toys

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released February 17, 2012



all rights reserved


The Sex Toys Nijlen, Belgium

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Track Name: No Shame No Game
What faces will you make when you find out that your girlfriend is a shemale
What will your parents think when they find your jizz in their sink
What will people say when you get caught having sex with spaghetti
It all doesn’t matter I don’t care what they think of me

Stop holding back just live today
Don’t care ‘bout what they think do It your own way
No shame no game

How much did you drink when you wake up naked next to your girlfriend’s mother
And how hard does it stink when you see your sister getting fucked anally.
How hard will you puke when you see your parents in a clip on youporn.
Go to hell everybody I don’t give a fucking shit

When you came home from work you saw a dog fucking your wife
And you don’t know that Pikachu is number 25
You had enough off all this shit your head is gonna burst
You’re looking how a stupid dog is making your wife squirt
You were very upset because your house was full of poo
But when you opened up your closet found a horse and jockey too
You better care ‘bout nothing and just do it your own way
When there goes something wrong you better simply say

No shame no game,…
Track Name: Not So Much of A Band
Verse 1
started out as kids, making fun but turned to shit
you think you’re the best
you’re posers and you’re geeks, adolescent attention freaks
think that you are blessed

you ask 500 bucks a show
(Playing songs you barely know)
You should be so fucking ashamed
‘Cause you’re lame, yea you’re lame

How can it be
that you give nothing for free
you're myspace songs aren’t complete
and I don’t want to buy the cd
So Try and understand
That you may be quite good friends
But you’re not so much off a band
In fact you’re nothing at all

Verse 2
Over fashioned Emo Kid simply just try to fit
right in, it’s a sin
you're song's don't go that deep, at least not as deep as you think
and you stink



Our playing kind of sucks, but we’re not commercial fucks
We just do our thing, don’t need reanacting
You can hear our trash, for a small amount of cash
We don’t need a lot, a bit to buy some pot.
Do it for the show, or hookers and some blow
not in it for money